Beeliner--one software, many ways to use it

The Beeliner online survey system:

  • Eliminates the need for paper surveys and their management
  • Save you the high cost of postage for paper surveys
  • Automates your data collection
  • Makes response data entry a thing of the past
  • Facilitates and completely streamlines your research projects leaving you more time for results analysis.

Develop your surveys in our easy-to-use interface, send them out to your audience, and move on to other projects while Beeliner automatically collects and manages your participants' results. When you're ready to view the results, Beeliner's online spreadsheet helps you quickly scan your data in an easy to read format. Download your Beeliner data to your statistical software for further analysis. It couldn't be easier.

How can you use Beeliner online surveys?

Beeliner is can be used for many purposes. We have customers using Beeliner for the following tasks:

  • HR/Training Surveys. From new hire surveys to employee evaluations, human resources departments across world are using Beeliner to streamline the feedback loop. For specific information on how your HR department can benefit from Beeliner, click here.
  • Marketing/PR Surveys. Marketing and PR departments always need to keep a finger on a company's pulse. Beeliner helps by streamlining market research to conducting feel-good customer surveys that can used to generate PR buzz. Find out more.
  • Customer Surveys. Any company or organization can benefit from regular customer surveying. Sometimes the "customers" are internal. Either way, Beeliner can help you streamline this process. Find out more.

Are you thinking about using Beeliner for something totally different and need some questions answered? Contact us!

Looking for something lighter?

Beeliner Lite offers some of the powerful features of Beeliner Surveys to Small Businesses, Nonprofits and Academia at a price that fits your budget.


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