Using Beeliner for Marketing

Since marketing is communications, surveying fits into many marketing activities seamlessly. Beeliner helps streamline many marketing, public relations and customer communications including the following:

PR buzz generation

Some smart companies have already realized that the best way to get media coverage is to do something newsworthy. Why not conduct your own survey campaign, researching a topic of interest to journalists and relevant to your company/organization? The results will get people buzzing.

Customer feedback

Need a low-cost and efficient way to find out what your customers really think? Use Beeliner to survey them on anything from service issues to kudos.

Marketing research

What to survey your potential or existing markets for information on potential trends and new product opportunities? Use Beeliner as a better-cost alternative to traditional paper surveys.

Opinion/attitude surveys

Got a new idea or concept? Find out quickly with Beeliner by surveying your own market or new ones.

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