Beeliner By Request: Unique requirements? Let us customize a solution for you.

Want to automate, customize, or connect surveying activities to a database? Or do you have another unique requirements? Beeliner's flexible technology is up to the job!

Survey customization and database integrationIf you've been searching for a survey software solution that fits all of your requirements, you may find that such a product doesn't exist. However, that's not a problem! Beeliner By Request is a one-of-a-kind offering. Our technology is flexible enough that we can accommodate many unique requests. Whether you want us to piggyback functionality on one of our existing products or create a custom reporting and surveying interface, we can gladly accommodate your requests.

What are typical customizations?

Past customizations are as unique as our customers however it's easy to tell you about some common themes that appear in our customization projects:

  • Make your data more meaningful with Beeliner's database integration. Our Beeliner technology can communicate with most databases whether using SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) or other means. Database integration with your survey data opens up a whole new world of exciting data analysis and trend detection!
  • Completely automate your surveying based upon event triggers. One typical downside of using a web-based survey product is that without a database connection to your internal data, surveys must be triggered manually. With Beeliner's database integration and automation, those days are over!
  • Specialized functionality. Do you have a specific request that is particular to your organization? From specific reporting interfaces to detailed user permissions, we can accommodate very specific requests.
  • Include Beeliner, rebranded with your brand, as part of your products and offerings or as an internal tool. Want Beeliner with your brand, not ours? No problem! From branding Beeliner as your internal tool to customizing it as a product you can offer your customers, we offer a wide scope of options.

How does licensing work for customized applications?

Java/Unix Survey SystemThere are two standard models in which we generally offer our customized applications:

  • Hosted. A dedicated system is provided for your application in our data center. You benefit from our existing infrastructure of redundancy and reliability.
  • Appliance Model. If your IT requirements dictate that you must host your own application, we offer an appliance model where we provide the UNIX-based hardware with pre-installed software in your data center. A VPN connection to our network is optional but highly recommended.

All of our solutions are Java powered and hosted on UNIX systems.

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