BeelinerLite: For Small Businesses, Nonprofits, Academia and more

Fitted to size but BIG on results!

Small business, nonprofit and academic surveysAre you a not-so-big company or a cost-conscious non-profit? Or perhaps you're working on an independent project where you just need to do a one-time survey? There's an edition of Beeliner just for you. BeelinerLite offers you many of the same great features of BeelinerProfessional at a reduced, self-serve price.

What's the difference between BeelinerLite and our standard product, BeelinerProfessional?

Not as much as you might think! BeelinerProfessional is set up for big businesses and entities to help meet all of the needs that a larger organization has. However, if you're small, you may not need many of these options. BeelinerLite is not so light on features and functionality but trimmed in the areas that larger entities typically need the most support such as billing, training and support.

  • Support. BeelinerLite offers fast email support in place of our dedicated phone and email support. Same great support but all electronic!
  • Training. For our larger customers, we often give large-scale group trainings. If you're small, you simply don't require this. Instead, you can join our regularly scheduled monthly public trainings if you ever want to watch our experts walk you through survey creation live.
  • Automatic credit card billing. Pay for your BeelinerLite license by credit card and skip the paper invoicing hassle. You can even set up automatic credit card billing if you'd prefer so your BeelinerLite license is automatically renewed each month.
  • Single-user licensing. If you're small, why pay for more than one user if you don't have to? BeelinerLite's cost-effective single-licensing is a good fit for smaller projects that product big results.
  • No contracts, month to month renewal option. If don't have need of a year long contract, no problem. BeelinerLite can be purchased month to month with no contract needed.

Starting at just $28.95/mo. BeelinerLite fits smaller organizations just right. To find out more, visit our BeelinerLite web site.

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