Beeliner features overview

Beeliner includes many great features that make your survey-sending easy, fast, and flexible. We think of surveying in three steps: Survey Creation, Response Management, and Results Reporting. Beeliner is structured to follow this order so when you go to create a survey, you'll find everything you need in the order that you'll need it. Below is a general overview of each step. For more complete details, click on the step name.

Step 1: Survey creation and customization

Creating a survey is simple with Beeliner. A variety of options and features give you the ability to create your survey just the way you need it.

  • Add your logo or a custom graphic
  • Select from one of four layout styles and a variety of color palettes
  • Specify who the survey is sent from
  • Add a variety of question types including: matrix/grid, open-ended, single choice, multiple choice, rating scale and more
  • Set ranges for questions
  • Make questions required
  • Add results sharing which is displayed when participants submit their survey so they can see the total results of your survey to date
  • Specify sending language (English, Spanish, German, Norwegian, and more coming soon)

To find out more details about creating and customizing surveys with Beeliner, click here.

Step 2: Response automation and management

Beeliner manages all the cumbersome and manual parts of surveying for you including:

  • Emailing participants your survey or a link to your survey
  • Allowing users to respond anonymously
  • Keeping track of who has responded, who hasn't, and which email addresses are invalid
  • Collecting all the responses into a mini database that you can access any time
  • Eliminating all manual data entry
  • Using the Beeliner Address Book to keep track of participants and/or lists of participants that you survey more than once.

For more information on Beeliner's response automation and management, click here.

Step 3: Results reporting and analysis

Once your survey sending is complete, it's time to analyze the results. Beeliner offers you the following:

  • View your data a variety of ways including in spreadsheet format, summary report, detail report or presentation style
  • Export your data to a .cvs or a spreadsheet for further analysis with another software product
  • Using Beeliner's custom filtering to create and customize your own reports
  • Distribute your results and/or custom reports to colleagues via Beeliner's Distribution functionality.

For more information on Beeliner's results reporting and analysis, click here.