What the best way to get your member satisfaction and renewals blooming?

It's easy..let your members tell you! BeelinerPeople automates your member surveys and save hours of staff time while providing invaluable data.

hr employee surveys peoplesoft integrationWith BeelinerPeople you can:

  • See where members are becoming dissatisfied by finding areas that have room for improvement as well as miscommunications around membership benefits, policies and more.
  • Analyze areas to improve by tracking and analyzing trends at different points in the year.
  • Identify ways to increase your member retention by letting your members give input into what they'd like to see.
  • Free up hours of monthly staff time by automating feedback processes that would otherwise be time-consuming and manual!

How does it work? BeelinerPeople is a unique product that is built to upon demand to meet your organization's requirements.

  • BeelinerPeople integrates with your membership databases for maximum automation. Using data from your member databases, BeelinerPeople tracks any event (such as membership renewal) and generates the appropriate survey at intervals that you establish. BeelinerPeople will manage the entire process for you.
  • BeelinerPeople 60 Second DemoHave your data delivered to your inbox as monthly, weekly, and/or daily reports. Specify what kind of data you want delivered to your inbox. From HTML formatted reports with text, charts and graphics to PowerPoint presentations to spreadsheets, BeelinerPeople can deliver data in many formats. Create reports that only you will receive and specify other reports that can be emailed to membership staff or managers weekly/monthly.
  • Create your own reports and presentations and then share them by email, securely post them to the web, or even print them. Using a custom web site created just for your department, you and your colleagues can view survey data and run reports upon demand. Choose from text reports, charts, and graphs or even PowerPoint presentations!

If you would like to discuss whether BeelinerPeople is a good fit for your organization, our friendly and knowledgeable team is available Monday-Friday 8am-6pm Eastern (Boston, MA). Please call toll-free 866.411.1233 or contact us online.

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