What's So Special About Beeliner?

Four Big Reasons Why Beeliner Works to Make Your Satisfaction Our Highest Priority

Are you looking for a survey software solution or vendor? Here's how we work to make Beeliner stand out from the crowd of solution providers!

  • Solid, reliable technology that won't let you down. Planned outages? Service disruptions? Pre-scheduled maintenance? No, no, no! When you have a survey live, you do not want downtime or outages from your survey vendor. Yet, most survey software companies, even the biggies, consider it perfectly acceptable to schedule "maintenance" downtime. Beeliner doesn't and from multiple data centers to constant monitoring of our own equipment, we're make sure that we won't let you down.
  • Outstanding customer support. A recent survey of our own customers, showed that 98% of our customers rated our customer support as "outstanding." Why? Instead of using a standard call center, each customer gets a dedicated support specialist..the same person takes you from the sales process to all your support needs. Instead of explaining your needs over and over again to different support staffer, you get answers from a knowledgeable specialist who is familiar with your organization's surveys.
  • One of the few solutions that can meet 100% of your requirements. Many of our customers come to us because they find that we are one of the few survey vendors who can custom to fit a specific need. And within a reasonable budget. And also within a short timeline. If our standard products doesn't fulfill 100% of your requirements, contact us to find out more about Beeliner customizations. We've worked to help organizations implement surveying in even the most challenging scenarios.
  • Affordability. From our pay-as-you-go solutions to our fully customized solutions, we offer reliable, easy-to-use solutions that won't break your budget. Our solutions are easy on your budget and high on value.

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