Beeliner's response management

Sometimes people ask us what's the advantage of using web-based survey software like Beeliner to manage your survey campaigns instead of custom building your survey. It's simple-the response management. The bulk of the work with surveying comes down to managing the responses that you receive.

Like the survey creation part of Beeliner, the distribution of your survey is broken down into an easy to followed tabbed sequence.

Collection Tab: How to distribute your survey

Use Beeliner to collect your survey responses a variety of ways including:

  • Inline (displayed within a participant's email inbox in html)
  • Email invitation with a clickable link
  • Generate a link that you can send or post online
  • With built-in password protection
  • Or collection response anonymously
  • Or use a combination of the above options

Use the Collection Tab helps you define your survey type from email to inline email to web site postable.

Schedule Tab: Schedule survey events

Take advantage of Beeliner's scheduler to schedule survey events such as resends and survey closing dates to further automate your survey-sending. Events can be scheduled for any future date.

The Schedule Tab helps you schedule future survey events including sending, resending, and survey closings.

Sending Tab: No retyping of email lists needed.

If you use Beeliner to send your survey, you can take advantage of Beeliner's Smart Resend feature. Beeliner keeps track of who has responded and who hasn't so when you choose to do a survey resend, Beeliner will resend only to participants who have not yet responded to your survey. This means you don't have to bother the participants who have already responded.

There's no need to manually retype lists of email addresses into Beeliner. Export your list from whatever software you keep them in to a .cvs file format (most common software will export to this file format). Don't worry about cleaning up your list--Beeliner will scan the file and select only the information that appears in a traditional email format ( Or keep it simple and just copy and paste your list of emails into Beeliner.

The Sending Tab handles all the email sending for your survey whether you send as an HTML survey or as a Beeliner-sent link.

Where does it all go? Mini database collection

So once a survey participant hits the "submit" button on your survey, what happens to their survey responses?

Every time a participant submits a response to your survey, the response is sent to our servers which collect all the responses into a "mini database" that is created for your survey. Survey responses are recorded in "real time" which means that you can look at them immediately.

Use the same lists frequently? Use Beeliner's address book.

Instead of importing or copy/pasting lists each time you send a survey, save your lists in Beeliner's address book. Save email addresses into groups for further ease of use. Add custom descriptors to each email address to further expand your reporting abilities.

Once your survey responses are collected, it's time to do some analysis . See how Beeliner's "Results" set of tabs work-->

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